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Andy Roddick rates Grigor Dimitrov very High

Andy Roddick rates Grigor Dimitrov very highly, but, he says he can’t predict if the Bulgaria International would be able to win slams on a consistent basis in future.

Some former greats reckon that Dimitrov is the next big thing in the tennis world and he is the man whom everyone should watch out for.

Roddick does not think any differently in that regard. He also agrees to Dimitrov being highly talented. But, he is not sure if the 23-year old is as mentally strong as he needs to be to get through to the tough matches on big days.

According to Roddick, talent alone does not win people tournaments. It’s the temperament which is more important when you are playing at the highest level. The way your carry yourself on the court when you come against the big names, that is very important. Read more »

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Andy Roddick Praises Federer on his Performance in 2014

Andy Roddick reckons that by performing so consistently in the ongoing season, Roger Federer has proved again that he is the greatest individual who has ever played the game of tennis.

Federer has had a belter of a season this year. He has made a steep jump in the rankings. He is world no. 2 right now.

He might have topped the rankings as well last week if he had not lost in the quarters in the masters in Paris.

According to Roddick, for somebody to be able to make such a comeback in the twilight of his career, it takes a lot of mental strength.

Speaking on a television channel last night, Roddick said, “It’s just unbelievable, the way Roger has competed on the tour this season. But, honestly speaking, it has not taken me by surprise at all. He is such a mentally strong character that nothing is impossible for him.”

When asked if he reckons Federer is the greatest ever, the American legend said, “Yes definitely. He comes first in my list. I know some people talk about his head-to-head record against Rafa, but, that doesn’t matter. It’s not about your record against a particular player. It’s your overall performance which counts.”

“The day Rafa gets levelled up with Roger in terms of the no. of Grand Slam titles, then, you can have a look at the head-to-head record and of course, Rafa leads there. But, for now, I would say Roger is better simply because of the no. of majors he has under his belt.”

Roddick himself has also been the world no. 1. He could not win that many Grand Slams though in his career. His only slam glory came at Flushing Meadows in front of his own people in 2003.