Andy Roddick Rescues Brooklyn Decker Hilariously From ‘Baby Tarantula’

Brooklyn Decker has an image of being a born and bred Southerner, but the fact is actress still cannot handle the native wildlife.

“No, on the back porch, tarantulas are not okay,” this the Grace and Frankie star shares in a hilarious video posted on her Instagram account of her niggling upon a huge and furry spider. “No, it is a baby tarantula. Get out of here!” Luckily, Decker, who is now 30 years old and born in North Carolina and now lives in Austin, had a less arachnophobic — if the spider wrangler on hand in husband Andy Roddick.

“Andy had been telling me he can move the baby tarantula, but he cannot kill it,” This Decker said in a second clip that shows the retired tennis star getting close to this bug with the tools of his choice like a boat shoe, a dust pan. He was seen trying to move the tarantula out anyhow in the posted video, which looks very hilarious. Clearly disturbed, Decker, who is the mom of two was seen scared of spider and was looking for help. In January, the couple welcomed their second child, daughter Stevie and repeatedly instructs him to “be gentle” and on this the Hall of Famer of Tennis lovingly responds, “shut up.”

Finally, the result of the battle came in the third photo, where the spider was shown dead. Both Decker and Roddick both have huge number of followers on Instagram and they all have seen this hilarious video. Thought, the video is liked by many, meanwhile, they are all congratulating Roddick for saving Decker.

But, we suggest Decker to be less strong as now she is the mother of two and have to take care of her younger ones.