Fish Recounts Struggle for Confidence

American tennis player Mardy Fish stated that he faced a lot of difficulties after his heart operation and it took him several months to build up his self confidence once again, after it had been shattered by the scary process that he had to undergo. Fish also added that he was extremely strained immediately after his return to the game and had even feared that he would have to give up the game for good due to the condition.

The world number twelve arrived in Wimbledon, which is his first Grand Slam since the surgery and he rallied to beat Spaniard Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo 7-6, 7-5, 7-6. Fish’s movements on court during the match looked comfortable and the 30 year old bore no signs of weakness following his recovery from the operation. However, almost immediately after the culmination of the match, the second highest ranked American player according to the ATP Tour ratings fell sick. He felt so unwell that he couldn’t attend the post match press conference and Mardy Fish complained of an ache in his left arm and stomach cramps.

However, the following day, he was much better. Speaking to the media after the match, Fish stated that he had been taking medicines for his arm, and added that the pain was compounded by the heaviness of the balls at Wimbledon. He went on to add that it would have been better for him if he managed to go home and lie down but with so many guys in the locker room, it was difficult to do. But Fish is glad that it had nothing to do with his surgically repaired heart.

Mardy Fish, who reached a career high ranking of 7 last year, has been suffering from the heart ailment for almost the better part of the year.