On July 8, 2002, the Women Tennis Association ranked Serena Williams an American tennis professional. Serena Williams regained this same ranking for the fifth time on November 2, 2009. Serena Williams is considered to be a very great tennis players in the league of Sharapova and others and another unique incentive that is only with Serena Williams and no one else is that she I sthe only female professional tennis player to have won $35 million in cash.

Serena Williams has won 27 Grand slam titles – with the break up being 13 in singles, 12 in doubles and again 2 in mixed doubles. Serena Williams proved herself again by being the recent female to have held all four grand slam titles consecutively and  the fifth female to do so. Since Martina Hingis in the year 1998, Serena along with her sister Venus Williams hold a record of holding four grand slam titles simultaneously.

Serena Williams has also won two gold medals in the Olympics also winning more prize money than any other female athlete till now.  In the year 2012, Serena Williams started off her journey with the Brisbane International. However after hurting her ankle while serving in on of the rounds of the match, she suffered a great degree of pain and thus had to back out from the rest of the tournament. Next up came the Australian Open where Serena Williams was seeded 12th, but finally lost to Makarova. After returning from the loss of the Australian Open, Serena Williams took part in the Miami tournament where she avenged her loss by beating Samantha in the fourth round landing up in the quarter finals against Wozniacki. However at the end of the match, Wozniacki defeated her  6-4; 6-4.