Anna Kournikova’s countrywoman, Maria Sharapova, has defeated Victoria Azarenka of Belarus in the semi final of the French Open. Sharapova won the match in three sets by 6-1, 2-6, 6-4.

It was a contest between two great players and it was always going to be a close one. Both the players fought hard, but, at the end, it was Sharapova who proved to be better on the day.

This was the 13th match between these two players and Sharapova defeated Azarenka for the 6th time.

Sharapova entered the match in a destructive mood – as was expected given that Will Hill were offering a tennis betting promotion on her winning in straight sets. Azarenka held her serve in the first game of the opening set and that remained the only game won by her in the set. Sharapova went ballistic after that and got breakthroughs in the 3rd, 5th and 7th game to clinch the set by 6-1.

In the proceeding set, Sharapova couldn’t continue the momentum. In the first 4 games, neither of the two players got a breakthrough and the scores were levelled at 2-2. After that, Azarenka showed her class and bagged the next 4 games on the trot with the help of a couple of breakthroughs to win the set by 6-2.

In the third set, Sharapova bounced back wonderfully. She managed to sneak three breakthroughs in the first 7 games to get ahead by 5-2.

Azarenka reduced Sharapova’s lead to 5-4 with a serve break in the 8th game and a serve hold in the 9th game.

After losing a couple of games, there was a bit of pressure on Sharapova. One more serve break could have levelled the scores. But, the world no. 2 didn’t let that happen. By playing some belligerent shots, she served out the 10th game and won the match.

In the final match, Sharapova will face the American superstar Serena Williams.