Andy Roddick likes the way his life is going ahead at the moment

Andy Roddick likes the way his life is going ahead at the moment and he wants to keep it the same way.

After retiring from the tour, Roddick has been doing a lot of things.

The former World no. 1 has been commentating, doing charity works, playing some unofficial tennis in veteran tournaments and he is so busy with all these stuffs that he doesn’t have time to think about anything else.

One of the siblings of Roddick has been in coaching field for the last few years and he has been having quite a successful time pursuing that profession.

There were rumours that Roddick was also planning to walk on the footsteps of his brother and launch his coaching career in near future.

But, Roddick denies it. Although, he admits he likes passing on advises to the juniors coming through the ranks, but, he reckons taking coaching as a full time job right now is very difficult for him  with the other commitments that he has.

In an exclusive interview last week, Roddick was quoted as speaking, “Coaching is something that if you take it, you have got to be totally committed to it which I am not sure I can do at this point of time. Though I always look to help the young kids here and there, I love that. But, due to the fact that I have so many other things to do, I cannot think of getting myself into it totally.”

When asked if he is satisfied with the condition of the male tennis in his country America at present, Roddick said, “A few years back, it had gone to a very poor state, but, now, I think its better. There are some exciting kids going around and I hope they make it big on the tour.”