Andy Roddick rates Grigor Dimitrov very High

Andy Roddick rates Grigor Dimitrov very highly, but, he says he can’t predict if the Bulgaria International would be able to win slams on a consistent basis in future.

Some former greats reckon that Dimitrov is the next big thing in the tennis world and he is the man whom everyone should watch out for.

Roddick does not think any differently in that regard. He also agrees to Dimitrov being highly talented. But, he is not sure if the 23-year old is as mentally strong as he needs to be to get through to the tough matches on big days.

According to Roddick, talent alone does not win people tournaments. It’s the temperament which is more important when you are playing at the highest level. The way your carry yourself on the court when you come against the big names, that is very important.

Speaking to a television channel recently, Roddick said, “It’s your temperament which determines if you are floating somewhere in top 5 or you are right there at the no. 1 position.”

“With Grigor, one thing that we all know is that the talent is there and it’s there in appropriate amount. But, how good he is on the mental front that is yet to be seen and thus, at this point in time, I would not like to say if he would win this many trophies. But, what I can clearly see is that the guy has got the ability.”

Dimitrov, who is the 8th ranked player in the world at the moment, has no Slam to show in his CV as of now.

The farthest Dimitrov has reached in a Slam is the Round of 4 and that had happened last year during the Wimbledon Championships.