Juan Martin Del Potro is eager to make a comeback

Juan Martin suffered from a wrist injury for which he undertook a surgery in late March and is returning home. Dr. Berger performed the surgery at Mayo Clinic. The decision of undergoing for a surgery proved advantageous as the ligaments were broken.

Now he is under the process of recovery. He was judged as the comeback player by the ATP in 2011. For him injuries are a part and parcel of any sport and so does the recovery time. But if the mind is made up then none can stop a player from returning back and similarly Del Potro feels that he has got lot to deliver under his belt. His entire concentration is to recover well and be on the court. He knows for sure that comeback is not going to be easy for him when he makes a comeback in the upcoming year as he will no longer be in the top 10 but that is not stopping him to start from scratch. He has to regain is momentum along with the strength to sustain for long on the court and test his resilience.

He was in pain when he was playing and he did not want to stop but he had to take a decision. However, he did go in for a training session on the court in Argentina. He is backed by his coach who is trying hard to make him appear for the U.S Open title. This is not the first time that he has been prone to injuries rather it is his second time. He has months with him to practice, train and get back in shape with will power. It will not be long when he appears on the competitive tennis court after his rehabilitation.