Back in his day, former tennis player Andy Roddick was a remarkable tennis player as his numerous wins secured him a spot in the history of tennis.

Ever since his retirement, the former star has proceeded to become an enthusiast in the history of the sport as he follows all the recent happenings with close interest.

Roddick remains to this very day, the last American player to emerge as a winner of a singles grand slam title, the retiree made a much-anticipated return to Forest Hills back in August 9, the city in which he achieved the greatest triumph of his career. He returned to participate in the world team tennis tournament for Patrick McEnroe, former Davis Cup ex captain.

When asked about the current state of the sport he loved, Roddick had quite a lot to say. Regarding Novak Djokovic’s place in history, he said the 34-year old’s record of 17 grand slam titles simply goes to record him as the greatest of all time. However, that statement is fluid seeing as Andy Murray has recently unseated Djokovic in the just concluded 2016 season.

Before Novak’s loss to the Scottish player, Roddick had said that the champion of the 2003 US open is clearly the greatest player and seems to be getting stronger. He believes that Djokovic has obtained a spot in the list of the greatest players based on his history in the game.

“It’s like wanting to compare movies and having not watched the last 20 percent of the great movies, right now if you just look at numbers, Roger is obviously there. I think five slams clear (ahead of Djokovic) is significant. But Novak is obviously trending. He’s the greatest right now,” Roddick said in a conference call with the press.