Former tennis star Andy Roddick is set to appear at the Greenbrier Tennis Showcase in June.

The former US Open star is to replace Pete Sampras in the exhibition match against British star Tim Henman. Sampras would not be appearing at the event as he is reportedly injured – an injury that would stop him from his preparations.

“Unfortunately, due to an injury, I will not be able to properly prepare for the upcoming Greenbrier Tennis Showcase in June and will have to withdraw. I want to thank Andy for stepping up in my absence. I am sure that Andy and Tim will put on a competitive and entertaining match for fans,” a statement from Sampras reads.

Roddick confirmed that he would participate at the event in Sampras’ place.

“I’m thrilled to be coming back to The Greenbrier. I’ve enjoyed every trip I’ve made to the beautiful resort, and I look forward to another challenging match againsta fantastic opponent in Tim Henman,” he said.

Both stars are set to play on June 3 at the showcase. Roddick said any player would prefer the option of victory over losing. The former US Open star will face a worthy opponent in Henmanwho reached the No 4 spot in the world at as his peak. Henman leads the head-to-head between both sides 3:2.

Since his 2012 exploits, Roddick has ventured into commentary with Fox Sports and the BBC. He has also done charity work with his foundation. He speaks impressively of Roger Federer and RafaNadal who continue to dominate the game even at their advanced age in tennis. He also praised youngsters who are in the top tier despite their relative lack of experience. He delved into congratulating Serena Williams for wining a grand slam whilst pregnant with her child earlier this year.