Nick Kyrgios is another Andy Roddick

It’s not totally disagreeable when people say Nick Kyrgios is another Andy Roddick. You can notice resemblance.

The hot tempered attitude of the Aussie and also, his talent, both resemble with the tall American.

And that is why one would think that having been a sort of uncontrolled talent himself in his young days, Roddick would be the first one to understand someone like Kyrgios and defend his ways.

But, the 33-year old has actually slammed Kyrgios for reacting bizarrely to the media questions recently in England.

Roddick believes when players cross the line in terms of their language and that too while speaking to the match officials, they can’t expect that they wouldn’t be questioned about it when they face the reporters at the end of the day.

Roddick says he himself was someone who would cross the line in some of the matches, but, after such matches, he was prepared for the questions. He never walked to the conference room thinking nobody would be picking him up on it and seeking an answer. It’s within the rights of the reporters to ask the questions. The players can’t be pissing off.

Recently, during Wimbledon, Kyrgios rudely disagreed to the chief match official regarding one of his decisions and cursed him too and later when he was asked about it, he reacted as if it was not such a big thing and opined that each and every person in the world curse. Read more »

Brooklyn Decker reckons Andy Roddick would turn out to be a great father

Brooklyn Decker reckons Andy Roddick would turn out to be a great father.

Brooklyn is currently pregnant and she let everybody know about that some time back when she uploaded a picture of her showing the baby bump on a social networking side.

Brooklyn was in Texas the other day attending an event organized by Roddick.

The 28-year old took some time out of it and talked to a magazine about the exciting period of pregnancy.

She was in a jolly and relaxed mood and gave her answers whole heartedly.

When asked about Roddick and how she thinks he would be as a father, Brooklyn was all praise for her husband.

In her words, “Andy is brilliant you know. I am yet to meet a cleverer person than him. His sense of humour and the way he manages to keep himself so calm, it’s amazing and I haven’t got even the slightest of doubts in my mind that he would be equally good as father too.”

Brooklyn also praised Roddick for helping her improve fitness wise.

The actress said, “After getting married to Andy, I have learnt a lot in terms of fitness. He knows a thing or two regarding how to be in proper shape. He is helping me a lot at the moment. He keeps telling me that getting slim is not the most important thing. What’s important is to make sure that you are fit enough to endure all the adversities that your body might have to go through.” Read more »

Andy Roddick likes the way his life is going ahead at the moment

Andy Roddick likes the way his life is going ahead at the moment and he wants to keep it the same way.

After retiring from the tour, Roddick has been doing a lot of things.

The former World no. 1 has been commentating, doing charity works, playing some unofficial tennis in veteran tournaments and he is so busy with all these stuffs that he doesn’t have time to think about anything else.

One of the siblings of Roddick has been in coaching field for the last few years and he has been having quite a successful time pursuing that profession.

There were rumours that Roddick was also planning to walk on the footsteps of his brother and launch his coaching career in near future.

But, Roddick denies it. Although, he admits he likes passing on advises to the juniors coming through the ranks, but, he reckons taking coaching as a full time job right now is very difficult for him  with the other commitments that he has. Read more »

Andy Roddick rates Grigor Dimitrov very High

Andy Roddick rates Grigor Dimitrov very highly, but, he says he can’t predict if the Bulgaria International would be able to win slams on a consistent basis in future.

Some former greats reckon that Dimitrov is the next big thing in the tennis world and he is the man whom everyone should watch out for.

Roddick does not think any differently in that regard. He also agrees to Dimitrov being highly talented. But, he is not sure if the 23-year old is as mentally strong as he needs to be to get through to the tough matches on big days.

According to Roddick, talent alone does not win people tournaments. It’s the temperament which is more important when you are playing at the highest level. The way your carry yourself on the court when you come against the big names, that is very important. Read more »

Andy Roddick Praises Federer on his Performance in 2014

Andy Roddick reckons that by performing so consistently in the ongoing season, Roger Federer has proved again that he is the greatest individual who has ever played the game of tennis.

Federer has had a belter of a season this year. He has made a steep jump in the rankings. He is world no. 2 right now.

He might have topped the rankings as well last week if he had not lost in the quarters in the masters in Paris.

According to Roddick, for somebody to be able to make such a comeback in the twilight of his career, it takes a lot of mental strength.

Speaking on a television channel last night, Roddick said, “It’s just unbelievable, the way Roger has competed on the tour this season. But, honestly speaking, it has not taken me by surprise at all. He is such a mentally strong character that nothing is impossible for him.”

When asked if he reckons Federer is the greatest ever, the American legend said, “Yes definitely. He comes first in my list. I know some people talk about his head-to-head record against Rafa, but, that doesn’t matter. It’s not about your record against a particular player. It’s your overall performance which counts.”

“The day Rafa gets levelled up with Roger in terms of the no. of Grand Slam titles, then, you can have a look at the head-to-head record and of course, Rafa leads there. But, for now, I would say Roger is better simply because of the no. of majors he has under his belt.”

Roddick himself has also been the world no. 1. He could not win that many Grand Slams though in his career. His only slam glory came at Flushing Meadows in front of his own people in 2003.